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Technical cleaning of equipment and industrial premises

At Tot Net we consider that technical cleaning is the one that complements ordinary cleaning in the different places where the services are rendered: equipment, capital equipment and industrial premises are normally the priority areas to act on.

With the ordinary cleaning, not all the parts or components are reached. It is normally necessary to move the equipment or disassemble the pieces, and therefore the need to have specialised teams for these tasks that must also work in coordination with the client’s technical services.

Usual treatment areas:

• Conveyor belts

• All kind of equipment: packaging, liquid filling, injection, dressmaking and textile, wood handling, graphic arts, etc.

• Silos, tanks and pipes.

• Paint booths and drying ovens.

• Ventilation circuits.

• Evaporative condensers.

• Electric cabinets.


Tot Net stands out for its innovative formulas. Tot Net is a pioneer in methodology that has subsequently been introduced in our sector. Our R + D department is fully dedicated to researching processes, improving equipment and solving problems that hinder the activity of our customers, in terms of cleaning and sanitation plans.

Tot Net is focus it’s effarts to the constant training of its employers, continuous systems improvement and environmental sustainability of its activities. Hence our willingness to be audited by the most accredited certifiers in the country (AENOR).

Tot Net Quality System and enviromental system are subject to ISO 9001 Standard and ISO14001 Standard respectively.

Occupational risks‘ prevention and monitoring our employers health, are preferential attention. Therefore, our system of Occupational Risk Prevention and Health Surveillance is subject to OHSAS 18001 Standard.


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